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Team Building

A good boss knows that the key to success within a business, starts with its employees. Treat the employees with respect, and in return they will respect the company, therefore achieving goals and targets. It can be hard work keeping everyone on the same page, motivated all year round, but our team building packages are designed to do just that. Tailored specifically for your company, with your employee’s welfare in mind, our team building activities and exercises are designed to bring people closer together and build a strong bond between workers and management alike.

Unlike a lot of regular, boring team building activities that seem more like a punishment than a means of bringing the team closer together, or even rewarding your employees, our packages are designed with fun in mind. We have a range of indoor and outdoor activities that involve interactive learning programs, team competitions, and also a few silly games to keep the spirits high!

We like to keep our activities entertaining, which strengthens the bond between employees, along with making people feel appreciated and being rewarded for their hard work and dedication to the company they work for. Our team building activities are guaranteed to boost morale and get prepared for any future tasks they may be faced with. We offer a wide range of land and water activities, so no matter where you are in Thailand, there is something to suit your needs. Some activities we offer include:

Land Team Building Activities

  • ATV – Off-Roading
  • Elephant Trekking
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Archery and Shooting
  • Sports
  • Rock Climbing and Trekking
  • Paintballing
  • Thai Cooking Classes
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Ziplining
  • Beach activities

Beach/Water/Sea Team Building Activities

  • Scuba Diving and snorkelling
  • White Water Rafting
  • Fishing
  • Surfing and Paddle boarding
  • Beach volleyball/sports
  • Canoe/kayaking
  • Parasailing
  • Island activities & Sightseeing

We also offer a wide range of indoor activities which you can do right in your hotel or venue. So, whether you have a target that you would like to hit, strengthen the bond between your employees, or you are rewarding them for their valuable work and dedication to the company, there’s really no better place to do so than Thailand.

Throughout the team building course, you and your employees with face a multitude of challenges designed to be fun, encourage working as a team and produce great results at the end, leaving your employees feeling motivated, stronger and ready to face the next challenge as a team. For our full range of activities and other suggestions for you and your business, feel free to give us a call or contact us via our website.

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